Links To Other Stuff

Stuff On Mission
Christian Research
research into Christianity & other stuff, they publish the  influential Religious Trends.
Encounters on the Edge
publications from Church Army on church planting & fresh expressions 
Evangelism UK 
news from Secretary for Evangelisation at Churches Together in England - what's happening?
grass-roots church planting & fresh expressions network
Mapping Our Location Shaping Our Journey
Two talks from Alan Roxburgh.  Podcast (video or audio) from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2002
Missional Leadership After Christendom
The 2007 Payton Lectures by Darrell Guder.  Podcast (audio) from Fuller Theological Seminary.  Go here for the video version
Perspectives From The Fresh Expressions Movement
A series of talks by Graham Cray. Podcast (audio and video) from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2009.
Resourcing Mission Bulletin
Published by the (Resource) Strategy & Development Unit of the Archbishops' Council and Church Commissioners to disseminate lessons learned from existing ministry and mission, and spread ideas about opportunities for growth.
Rethinking Mission
electronic journal stimulating new thinking enlightened by perspectives of world Christians
Rural Presence
A Methodist-run site aiming to encourage & inspire mission & discipleship in rural churches.
Spiritual Journeys (Mission Theological Advisory Group)
helping you explore your faith through looking, doing, asking & dreaming
The Oxford Centre For Mission Studies
enhancing holistic mission through scholarly engagement
Towards Cordial Witness Among Muslims
A series of lectures offering perspectives from around the world through a variety of lenses.  Podcast (video or audio) from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2007.

Stuff On Preaching
The Academy of Homiletics
American Academy for teachers of preaching & doctoral research students
The College of Preachers
a network of preachers drawn together by a shared belief that good preaching matters. 
The Text This Week
variety of resources for study & liturgy based on the Revised Common Lectionary
Working Preacher 
the web’s most helpful, & downright coolest resource for preachers - apparently. 
Richard Littledale's Preachers A-Z
regular stream of ideas & reflections from the pastor of Teddington Baptist Church

Stuff On Evangelicalism
an Anglican Evangelical journal for theology & mission
The Evangelical Universalist
a forum dedicated to evangelical universalists.
The Evangelicalism and fundamentalism in Britain Project
a 2-year research project: to what extent have British Evangelicals been Fundamentalist?
a network of centrist evangelical Anglicans

Stuff On Other Stuff
a think-tank promoting transformative theological ideas in public life
aims to encourage people who have little previous of Jesus to take a step or two of faith
The Anabaptist Network
individuals & churches in Britain & Ireland interested in the Anabaptist tradition. 
public theology think-tank

Stuff To Do With Stuff I Do
The Dave Egerton Band
probably the best band in the entire history of music
Levenshulme Baptist Church
a Baptist church, in Levenshulme
Luther King House
where I work
Northern Baptist Learning Community
for whom I work
Northumbrian Community
dispersed community living in a Celtic Christian kind of a way, only today, not in the 7C
Southern North West Training Partnership
an ecumenical Christian training partnership ministering in the North West, the southern bit
Urban Expression
urban church planting agency

My Daughter's Stuff
Periwinkle Art 
go look and see
Periwinkle Designs
go look and see