Friday, 24 June 2011

Talks And Sermon Notes On Scribd

Every now and then I get asked for copies of notes from my talks or sermons so I've set up a Scribd account and will from time to time upload notes.  You can download pdf's of the notes either directly from Scribd or using the widget in the sidebar on this blog.  I won't be putting up notes of all the sermons and talks, only those in which people show an interest and only those that are substantial enough to be worth the effort - many of my sermon notes are little more than headlines that wouldn't make sense to anyone but me (a bit like the sermons themselves!).  Anyhow if you'd like copies please help yourself.

(BTW while I'm at it I've also decided to start uploading my Outside Edge opinion pieces from the Baptist Times so that they'll be easily getattable in one place.)


Lucy Wright said...

Thanks for sharing your notes from the NAM's conference this week. I especially found your thoughts to be heart and head provoking, but most of all urging me to a a more passionate pursuit of God. Although not all agreed of your analysis it was well worth putting it out there. So thanks, although we didn't 'meet' it was good to see you in the flesh after reading your blog for some time.

Glen Marshall said...

Hi Lucy - really sorry, hadn't realised you were there! If I had I'd have said, "hello". Next time maybe.