Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Hello cyber-world!

I’ve succumbed and started blogging.

– It’s been good fun reading the blogs of various friends and acquaintances and it seems churlish not to join in. Doing it is nearly always better than looking on while others do it.
– I hate the feeling of being left out.
– Maybe it will help me try out and straighten out some of my ideas.
– Perhaps it will give me a chance to be a bit creative.
– Undoubtedly I’m enough of an exhibitionist to enjoy having an audience.

Why it’s probably a mistake:
- Another tempting device added to my procrastinator’s tool kit.
- I will probably be the world’s least regular blogger – I’ve always been better at starting than finishing.
- If I do stick at it I will almost certainly end up revealing more of myself than is good for me. Or even worse revealing just how little of me there is to reveal.
- Undoubtedly I’m enough of an exhibitionist to enjoy having an audience.

So once again insecurity and the urge to show off win out over caution and good sense.


David Mackinder said...

ey up, there's sommat new in cyberspace!

The Boggler said...

Your Northern comments reminded me that I recently attended my first ever Cricket match Lancashire v Yorkshire (20 / 20) at OT. Lancashire won. My question is 'What Colour Rose Would Jesus Wear?' and would he support the loosing team? 'eh up'

WCRWR bracelets can be obtained at LKH bookshop.

Catriona said...

Welcome Glen - just in time for BUGB news e-sweep to catch you!!

Glen Marshall said...

Well boggler Jesus of course would where a white rose - two main reasons: frist of all it wld match that white frock he always seems to have on in the pictures; secondly last seas we seemd to be dead and buried but now to everone's surprise we are rising higher and higher up the championship table. On second thoughts though maybe he would wear neither - he would probably have supported cumbria, coming as he did from the Lake District.

andy amoss said...

Hello Glen, fancy seeing you here! I'm looking forward to procrastinating with you.

. said...

Andy - I do like it when you talk dirty!