Monday, 30 July 2007

Wedding Wrights

OK so this last post on Saturday’s wedding is a bit contrived and yes it does overlap with the last one but the obsessive compulsive in me couldn't resist completing my list of matrimonial homonyms.

The wedding was a good ‘un because it was by and large a D.I.Y. job rather than a more up tight, glitzy and obscenely expensive effort. This is what made it. The video, the dress, the cake, the photographers (all four of them) the decoration of the church, the bar staff, the desserts, the (admittedly rather grand) back garden were all so good because they were so amateur. Amateur in the best possible sense of the word – done for love not money. Hope my daughter reads this.

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Dick Davies said...

Couldn't agree more - it was an excellent corrective to the sort of "Perfect Wedding" crap we see on the box. It seemed to be a really enjoyable and relaxed day. OK so I did arrive late and overdo the wine a bit (even louder and more voluble than normal...) but I loved it.