Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Growing Women Leaders

Another stunning event for your consideration:

Growing Women Leaders

Guest Speaker:
Revd Dr Kate Coleman
Former BUGB President (2006/07) Pastor of a Church Plant Director of “Next Leadership”

Saturday 21st November 2009 10.00am – 4.00pm
Wakefield Baptist Church Belle Isle Christian Centre Belle Isle Avenue Wakefield WF1 5JY
Booking Fee £15 per person (includes refreshments & lunch)

To book contact

After Christendom Seminars and Book Launch in Leeds

By 'eck this looks good. If I were you I'd sign up now. For the Leeds event, obviously.

To celebrate the arrival of the fifth book in the ‘After Christendom’ series, Worship and Mission after Christendom by Alan and Eleanor Kreider, the Anabaptist Network has organised two seminars – one in the north of England, one in the south.

Speakers at these events will include authors of books already published and those who are currently writing further titles in the series. These seminars are an opportunity to engage with the authors, discuss issues raised in the earlier books, and have a preview of what is coming soon. There will also be a guest appearance – through the medium of DVD – by Alan and Eleanor Kreider themselves, introducing their new book.

Northern seminar Venue: Harehills Lane Baptist Church, Leeds Date: Saturday 9 January 2010 – 10.30-4.30 Speakers: Glen Marshall, Nigel Pimlott, Stuart Murray Williams

Southern seminar Venue: London Mennonite Centre, Highgate Date: Saturday 30 January 2010 – 10.30-4.30 Speakers: Lloyd Pietersen, Nigel Pimlott, Stuart Murray Williams

Cost: £20 (including lunch)

Copies of the books in the ‘After Christendom’ series, and others, will be available to purchase.

To book a place

Leeds: contact Ali Phelps: or 0113 219 1933

London: contact Phyllis Shirk: or 0845 450 0214

Friday, 23 October 2009

Incarnate Gathering house party 23-25 March 2010

Here's a plug for an event that should be of interest to Baptist Church planters.
To book in go here.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble

Just got back from another cracking evening at the RNCM. The Tord Gustavsen ensemble were truly superb.

Tore Brunborg on Tenor and Soprano saxophones ran the full gamut of his horns from a smoky subtone that was little more than musical breathing through the kind of plaintive keening that slices into you, to a beautiful, crystal-clear top register. Jarle Vespestad on drums was subtle and inventive, playing with the kind of musicality that goes way beyond mere rhythm. (I’m sure that Mats Eilertsen was also top notch but I must confess to finding it hard to get excited about the bass. Sorry.) The real hi-light though was Gustavsen on piano.

The elfin Norwegian seemed organically melded to his Steinway, by turns stabbing away a la Thelonius Monk and then deftly easing, coaxing, conjouring sublime beauty from his instrument. Melodic and mesmerising. Bleakly beautiful like a Scandinavian snowscape.

It’s testimony to just how good Gustavsen was that (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I think I would rather have the trio than the quartet, yes it would have been even better without the sax. Saxophones have a way of taking centre stage, demanding that you pay them attention. This meant that Gustavsen himself didn’t feature quite so prominently as I would have liked. That’s not a criticism, it’s just about he highest compliment I can pay. If you get the chance check him out for yourself.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


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This is not so a much post as a tentative stirring, the blogospherical equivalent of rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Been on sabbatical. Thought I’d blog more. Didn’t. Got out of the habit. Stopped. Decided to warm up by flinging a few fragments from the past few months at the screen.

Sabbatical: a huge, huge privilege, one of the truly brilliant things about being in ministry. Thank you Baptist Union. Thank you Northern Baptist College.

Writing a book: harder than I thought. Started well. Always was a good starter and a not so good finisher. Not given up yet though. No way.

Taking a break from Sunday worship services: an unplanned bit of the sabbatical. Kind of an experiment: how much of my ongoing journey of faith is simply down to momentum? Turns out the answer is not much. It’s good to be back.

A month on the road in France with my wife: further confirmation that marrying her thirty years ago was a smart move.

Visiting Lourdes: all my prejudices confirmed – kitsch central, tatsville, bad taste turned up to eleven. Yet, through it all, strangely moving and undoubtedly Godish.

Mum dying: rubbish, of course; the tragic completion of a long, slow dying. But it really did help knowing that this is what she wanted. I’m glad she was spared the indignity of the alternative. I’m also glad I managed to hold it together long enough to give the eulogy, a chance to do one last thing for someone who did so much for me.

Thirtieth wedding anniversary: see above. (Nice mother of pearl fountain pen too!)

Missing seeing England win the Ashes: a sore temptation once again to take out a sky subscription. Get thee behind me Murdoch.

Hearing The Tord Gustavsen Ensemble: see next post.

A weekend in the van at Pystill Rhaeadr: cracking place, beautiful, peaceful, dripping with God. Don’t tell anyone about it.

Returning to work: perfectly fine.