Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fooled You

Turns out I have a feminine side after all. Here's what genderanalyzer made of Nah Then.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Free Theology Books For Willing Bloggers

If you are opinionated and like theology you might want to look here.

Emerging Baptists

If you are Baptist and interested in emerging/emergent church it might be worth checking out this mainly American site, Baptimergent.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blah ... Manchester Pete Ward

For those who might be interested but haven't picked them up elsewhere here's the details of the next Blah ... Manchester event. Pete Ward will be at the Nazarene College to speak on Participation and Meditation: A Practical Theology for the Liquid Church. How do we encounter God through Culture? Is liquid Church just an abstract academic ideal?