Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fooled You

Turns out I have a feminine side after all. Here's what genderanalyzer made of Nah Then.


Catriona said...

well there you go! So, off to IKEA for candles and cushions now then?

Evidently my blog is written by a man, but as I was an engineer turned minster what do you expect? I'll just have to trade the ribbons and pebbles for a new tin of swarfega!

Stephen Lingwood said...

I'm quite gender neutral, which I'm quite happy with.

By the way Re: your stuff worth quoting - don't you wish more American Baptists knew their history better!

Glen Marshall said...

Yup. Problem with many Baptists? Not Baptist enough. Too many Brits are Baptist as the Victorians were Baptists and too many Americans have their head stuck too far up the fundament of fundamentalism - and the right wing of the Republican party.

While I'm at it, the problem with too many Evangelicals? Not evangelical enough.

And to sign off with - the problem with me? Not opinionated enough.

andy amoss said...

Haha! read 'em and weep! My own narcissi-silly? 72% female! And that's after posts about Spurs and rugby!

Glen Marshall said...
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Glen Marshall said...

I think the clue to the girliness is in the word Spurs.