Wednesday, 26 December 2007

This Week's Poll

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Last week’s poll: Compared to conservative/evangelical Christians, liberal/radical Christians are rubbish at leading people to faith in Christ. 10 votes, 6 agree, 4 disagree. More more vote: I agree.

Last week’s poll prompted one or two interesting observations about the use of labels and the labels conservative, evangelical, liberal and radical in particular hence this week’s poll and hopefully a new post on labels soon.


Jody Gabriel said...

Yes conservative/evangelical Christians are great at getting people to leave their brains at the door, recite a formulaic prayer and provide little evidence of extending God's amazing grace to the least. Well done!

Dick Davies said...

In some ways I wish the terms were past their "sell by" date - but as selling is based on perceived value they aren't as far as I'm aware.

Stephen said...

I agree that evangelicals are better at evangelism than liberals, though I wish it weren't true.

Evangelicals are better at getting an initial commitment, but aren't as good, I think, at moving people into a critical, mature faith. A lot of people will go from evangelical churches to liberal churches. Which raises the question of whether we have different churches that cater to different levels of faith development (if you want to buy into all that theory anyway). Is that why evangelical churches have younger people and liberal churches have older people? Are they the same people?

Glen Marshall said...

Stephen, thanks for chipping in. I reckon that, generally speaking, you are spot on in your observations. Not entirely sure what I think about some of the models of faith development - they clearly have a point but some expressions of this thinking do seem a little formulaic.