Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Why nah then?

It’s friendly – nah then is a form of greeting where I come from: “Nah then Bill, fancy a pint?” Hopefully this will be a friendly place to visit. Pronunciation guide – when used in this sense accent the second word.

It indicates logical progression – as such it became my first ever homiletical mannerism. As a teenage preacher whenever I wanted to make a link between one block of a sermon and the next I would pause, and say, "Nah then" before continuing. Hopefully the entries on this blog might have a whiff of the logical about them. They will also from time to time touch on preaching.  Pronunciation guide – when used in this sense accent the first word.

It’s northern – a useful reminder that roots matter and of course there are no better roots than northern roots; after all Jesus himself was a northerner. More pompously, as a northern expression it is a useful reminder that the eternal Word must always speak with a local accent. Abstract universal truth that never touches earth in a particular place at a particular time is not a lot of use to anyone.

Just in case you aren’t as blessed as me n’ Jesus, nah then translates as “now then”.


Chris Duffett said...

Great blog. Nice photo Glen! like the reason it's called ‘nah then’ and yes, (if my name was Bill) I would very much appreciate a pint (or two) thanks.

It is very very brown and beige though.

Check out: to put your blog stuff on there too if you like.

Jody Gabriel said...

This may be a nice way to stay in touch with what you are up to, Glen. Please tell us about the picture at the top

Glen Marshall said...

Well Chris I guess I'm at a kind of brown and beige stage of life!

Glen Marshall said...

Jody - not much to tell really, something I came across on google images - I liked it so I stuck it up there.

Been visiting you on an off for the past couple of months. Good to stay in touch

Kez said...

Great to see you blogging Glen, welcome to the blogosphere.

Ash said...

Already spotted the 'Turin-shoud'-like Jesus in the cloud formation - very clever! Ash

Bill Eugster said...

Hi Glen,

Very kind of you. Pint of the guest bitter, please.

Bill (Eugster)

Glen Marshall said...

Ash - are you drunk?

Stuart said...

Welcome Glen I am looking for all the preaching stuff so that I can have someone else to talk to on this neglected subject. Are you still buying up all the second hand copies of Fant's book and pushing up the price in second hand traders?