Saturday, 4 December 2010

Of Gods and Men

Just got back from seeing the best film of the year, Of Gods and Men.  I learned lots of stuff.  I learned that it snows in Algeria.  I learned that old men have beautiful faces.  I learned that monks can be heroic.  I learned that multiple endings can be done better than in Return of the King.  I learned that intelligence, emotion and good theology can hang out together.  I learned that a film can be a brilliant sermon - without being at all preachy.  I learned you CAN do simple and profound.  I learned that this particular film does what it says on the can - it's deeply human and utterly divine.


andy amoss said...

I remember hearing that this was on the way a little while ago. Did you catch it at a cinema? I shall have to track it down. Thanks Glen.

Glen Marshall said...

Cornerhouse Manchester on til 16 Dec

Out on dvd in March