Wednesday, 20 January 2010

David Southall to give 2010 Whitley Lecture

Andy Goodliff put this together; I just nicked it.

David Southall is to give the 2010 Whitley Lecture entitled: "The Poetic Paul: On Creating New Realities for Righteousness in Romans".
Why does the Apostle Paul personify righteousness and sin in Romans 6? Why does the character "Righteousness" act out its role as a slave master in opposition to "Slave Master Sin?" In this seminar David J. Southall explores Pauline personification and makes the case that the Apostle uses the poetic ways of speaking as modes of character invention and then goes on to show that personified "Righteousness", becomes Paul's way of talking about Christ in passages which are rich in metaphor and the story of Christ.

Southall gives an exegesis of Romans 6:15-23 which affirms this view and looks at the implications of his position for aspects of Pauline theology including "the justification debate" and universalism.
Southall gained his PhD from Spurgeon's College with a dissertation on theology of Paul in 2007. It was published as Rediscovering Righteousness in Paul (Mohr Siebeck, 2008). See also his chapter 'The Personification of Righteousness within a Metaphoric and Narratorial Setting' in Bible and Mission (Neufeld Verlag, 2008).

He became Chaplain ar Worcestershire Royal Hospital in 2009.
You can hear the lecture at:
  • 22nd February 2010 at Regent's Park College, Oxford, 2pm
  • 24th February 2010 at South Wales Baptist College, 3.00- 4.45pm
  • 2nd March 2010 at Northern Baptist College, Luther King House, 7.30 - 9.30 p.m
  • and also at the Baptist Assembly in May.
  • 24th March Spurgeon's College


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