Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Wire Comes to BBC2

The most important announcement since Gabriel did his thing?

BBC2 is going to be screening The Wire in full. Here's BBC2's own announcement which says that the actual dates of broadcast have yet to be released. The only clue I can glean suggests that the glory will begin w/c Mar 28th.

In case you've not yet heard the good news The Wire has been widely acclaimed as the best TV show ever. Should you watch it? If you want to be gripped, entertained, informed, challenged and humanised: Yes. If you think swearing and the depiction of drug-taking, violence and sex automatically robs a series of any worth no matter what outstanding qualities it has: Yes - because you really ought to change your mind about these things.

For my own take on the series go here.


andy amoss said...

I can't say enough about it or about how it's affected me. I can't prepare a sermon anymore without a moment, a piece of dialogue or a thematic strand begging to be included. The problem is no bugger's seen it and i don't want to spoil it for people or kill it with over-hype.

Well done the BBC. It's maybe more a channel 4 type show, but the ad breaks would destroy it.

May it be widely seen and long discussed and reflected upon.

tim f said...

I saw an advert which - I think - said it starts on 30th March.

Glen Marshall said...

If that's right it's ridiculously late to be releasing the date. Why aren't they plugging it harder?

tim f said...

Start is tomorrow night - really looking forward to it.