Wednesday, 11 February 2009

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This just in from The Provisional BBC.


Gordon Brown is "very angry" about proposed bank bonuses, according to his press team. He said executives should "think of the children" and reconsider whether they really wanted more money.

The Prime Minister's spokesperson warned Brown could get "even angrier" if executives do not heed his advice, and risks getting "monumentally peeved" if they award themselves higher bonuses than last year. It is not known at what point the Prime Minister might burst. Brown said "We are leading the world in criticising the bankers, and in making them think very hard about the consequences of their actions." He refused to rule out putting bankers on the naughty step.

David Cameron denounced Brown for taking no real action, and said that Conservatives would have taken no action much earlier than Labour. He also suggested nationalising the top 100 UK companies and putting the banks in the hands of workers' communes. However, a report by the Daily Mirror later showed his butler was following him all day with his fingers crossed.

Can't give a proper hat tip to the author as it is crucial that the provisional BBC maintains the anonymity of its reporters so as to protect it from scurrilous accusations of political bias. Suffice it to say that the hack in question used belong to the youth fellowship at my former church. Makes you proud to have been a pastor!

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