Friday, 25 April 2008

Hard to believe but gloriously true

I occasionally get angry. It happens mainly when people who are supposed to be providing a service for which I am paying don't give a toss. It's even worse when I am at their mercy because I know absolutely nothing about the service they are providing. Think cars, think sales, think repairs think MOT's.

So when I actually come across a competent, honest, good-hearted mechanic I become disproportionately delirious. When I have two such experiences in the space of two days it almost qualifies as a spiritual experience.

Let's hear it then for David Walker of Chorlton Auto-leisure, in fact forget the applause - just go and buy a camper van from him. Took mine in today to ask some advice about a malfunctioning water pump. Dave dropped what he was doing, spent 30 mins squirming around with a spanner chatting over his shoulder and hey-presto a working pump - all free of charge (no matter how hard I tried cross his palm with silver). I though he was a nice, trustworthy bloke when I bought the van a year ago, now I know it for a fact. His joint is anything but flash but he's a real diamond.

Let's hear it too for the guys at MES Garage in Rusholme. Needed an MOT on the car and they are just round the corner from work so thought I'd give 'em a go. Frankly their workshop looks a bit of a dive but they are convenient. They are also dead good - quick, reliable, friendly, good value and what's more they had a spare 20 minutes so they washed the car for me as well! No mean feat that, given the state I let my car get into.

I just wish this blog was a bigger deal than it is so Dave and the guys at MES could get the publicity they deserve.

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