Saturday, 12 January 2008

Header Headache

Why does blogger keep slicing my header in half?


CresceNet said...

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Graham Doel said...

Do you use a custom theme, or is it out of the box? Can you edit the HTML yourself?

I'm a WordPress fan myself, but if you answer the last question as yes, I might be able to help.


Glen Marshall said...


It's one of theirs though I understand that there is an option to edit the HTML. However I am a virtual HTML virgin - light petting only, miles from going all the way!

What happens is sometimes I get the whole photo (which I imagine is higher than they anticipate as a title background) and sometimes I lose the top half which then renders the text invisible and the background nonsensical. Not spotted yet any pattern re when the slicing happens and when it doesn't, it seems to be entirely random.

Catriona said...

Hmmm, 'Life in a Txt-mad Society' or 'Just Good HTML' as potential titles for Joyce Huggett's guide then?

Glen Marshall said...

Perhaps we could also have, "Confessions of Windows Cleaner"