Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Elaine Storkey Sues Jim Jones Over Wycliffe Hall

The wrong kind of Evangelical? Check out Ekklesia for a rather sad piece of news


Catriona said...

Could this be why so many people don't like labels? Though I actually think being the 'wrong kind of evangelical' just might be one I could live with - a bit like being 'not that kind of Baptist'

Sad news indeed.

Phil Baiden said...

"Many moderates were also dismayed by the alleged fire-and-brimstone tone of a speech that Dr Turnbull gave to the conservative evangelical pressure group Reform, in which he apparently warned 95 per cent of the country was in danger of going to hell."

There's as many as 5 per cent that are saved?

Glen Marshall said...

Best ask God - may give you a sneak preview of the two lists.