Thursday, 29 November 2007

This week's poll 29/11/07

Last week's poll: Was the Baptist Union council right to apologise for the involvement of Baptists in slavery? 11 votes, 7 yes, 4 no, one more vote - I vote yes, absolutely yes.

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Catriona said...

England manager - where's the 'who cares anyway?' button?! OK, I'm a philestine, heretic girlie but honestly I am not even the teeniest bit bothered.

Glen Marshall said...

Forget God, church, the kingdom, salvation - get with the stuff that matters!

andy amoss said...

I'd love Mourinho to manage England, i think they should do all they can to get him. What's brilliant, and what bothers me most, is that he's the antithesis of McClaren (who should be hung, not given £2.5m). McClaren was wrong from the start, i've said it all along, i told you so etc etc. England needs a manager with some character, tactical nouse, and the guts to use it. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you... Jose Mourinho!

andy jones said...

As the director of a certain Urban Mission think-tank once said when discussing Charlton (or was it Orient?)with a Man City fan, "Sod theology, this is football!" I think the blessed Bill Shankly himself would have concurred with that deeply considered piece of pragmatism.

OK Glen, what's the clever missiological twist in all of this? Where's the subtle yet cheeky nudge at the very edges of our preconceptions, making us think about the issue from a different angle by framing the question?

Is it that Mourinho has apparently said he wouldn't touch the job with a barge pole? Can we make him take the job by the sheer force of our collective wills? Do he or his agents read this blog? If not, what does that say about mission in modern Britain?

Is this post-modern irony, questioning the role of the modernist media in manipulatively defining immutable truth through their back pages? Is Graham Taylor really a turnip? Sven Goran Eriksen was a swede...

Or is it just an innocent bit of fantasy football?

Dream on! We'll probably get Harry Redknapp.