Wednesday, 14 November 2007

This Week's Poll 14/11/07

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Last week's poll: Should we be putting more time and effort into working ecumenically? 13 Votes, 10, yes, 3, no. One more vote: I vote no.


Jody Gabriel said...

I don't know about working towards being more ecumenical for its own sake, but I have experience of working towards God's purposes and seeing people from lots of different Christian traditions being drawn together. Concentrate on the purpose and be open to the wider Christian community.

andy amoss said...

This is regarding the academically, theologically educated relating to working classes.
I want to say 'no', but i think that should be qualified with the rather paradoxical "not if the minister in question is clever".

Catriona said...

On academic edcuation and communication...I feel it all depends on the person involved. Could they do the commnuication before they trained? If not, they probably still won't be able to, unless training openned their eyes a bit. If they already could then maybe they still can.

I am often surprised to find that what I perceive as my more obtuse sermons receive the best repsonses fromthose with the least formal edcuation - and say that I speak in a way they can understand. Maybe we have to accept that the Holy Spirit is a better interpretter than we are speakers?

And yes, I've found myself bambozzled by posey, bumptious preaching littered with clever citations... I'm not sure it's just about being more or less academically educated.

In the end I opted not to vote on this one!