Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Evangelistic Fragment Two: On The Relationship Between Evangelism And Mission

(The second of an as yet undetermined number of thoughtlets on evangelism that have dribbled out of my brain, down my arm and through the keyboard.   Mainly because I'm preparing to teach an MA module on evangelism.)

Evangelism  is that aspect of mission that is concerned with communication of the gospel, getting the message across.  Other vital dimensions of mission include making a difference for good in God's world irrespective of whether or not we get our message across. 

It is my conviction that mission in its fullest sense is about praying and working for the fulfillment of the purposes of God, seeking the establishment of the reign of God and therefore cooperating with the Spirit of God in every dimension of God's creative and recreative work. 

Evangelism is not all that there is to mission.  God doesn’t just want people to embrace and respond to the message of the gospel, God also wants God’s will to be done fully on earth even as it is done fully in heaven.  However, an important part of God’s will being done, God’s kingdom being established, God’s purposes being fulfilled is that the joyful truth of the gospel should be heard, welcomed and received by all.  When it comes to mission, evangelism is not the only thing but it is an essential thing.


Dick Davies said...

It seems to me that the two are really both most "biblical" and also (anecdotally) most effective when they are intimately entwined.

Glen Marshall said...

Amen. The very fact that we have separated them at all is an indictment.