Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Why Swearing Is Funny

Incest warning.  No, not real incest.  Just the "you link my post and I'll link yours" kind.

Rob Reed is my friend.  Rob Reed is a very entertaining man.  Rob Reed knows stuff about film and media.  Rob Reed writes an interesting blog.  Rob Reed has just learned how to insert hyperlinks in his posts.  Bless. 

Rob Reed was prompted by my recent post on 18 rated films to share his thoughts on why swearing is funny.  Don't blame me.  Some of you will be interested.  Some of you won't like it.  Some of you who won't like it will still be interested and read it anyway. 

Just thought I should let you know.


Peter said...

Obviously the people who put up the sign do not want others talking about how to pitch a tent nor do they want any conversion that will involve a truck!!!!!

catriona said...

Banned sentences:

Does the witch with an itch sit in the ditch?
What bad luck to pluck a duck.

Clearly I must now wash out my mouth with soap.

To the pure... to the pure.

andy amoss said...

Bastard sign! What the bollocks are we supposed to say now?