Sunday, 2 May 2010

Baptist Assembly Day 3

And the prize for the wisest words at Assembly so far goes to ……. Anne Wilkinson Hayes.  Another great Bible reading this morning.  Completely different style to yesterday.  Extrovert dial turned down quite a bit.  Real impact though thanks to Anne's typically quiet and incisive insights.  It really isn't about programmes and strategies.  It really is about the over flow of divine life that happens when people love God with everything they've got and love others with a passion.  Thanks for the reminder Anne.  (Someone offer her a job quick before she goes back to Oz.)

My seminar went OK.  Screwed up the timing though so ended up rushing and only got 15 minutes Q&R.  Still, think I got across most of the stuff.  Have to decide now whether or not to write it up properly for the Baptist Ministers' Journal.

The recognition of ministries in the main arena was as usual very moving but am I the only one who thought that it looked disturbingly male and worryingly elderly?

Tried to get into the late night Redux session but it was jammed did get to see something just a little bit freakish though.  Long long and oh so orderly queue for the bar - a queue for the bar!  Don't these people know how to behave?


catriona said...

Your seminar was fine, I enjoyed it. Yup, you fouled up the timing totally, and your pioneer pun-picture was really cheesy, but it was worth the walk to the university (even if I arrived too late to hear about my own relocation!!)

Heard in conjunction with Ruth's B-M lecture it was a useful anfternoon.

Do write it up for the BMJ - the committee always struggle for copy and this is something worth publishing

Glen Marshall said...

Thanks Catriona. Have just emailed Sally agreeing to a write up. BTW I thought the pun was the best bit!

Anonymous said...

The BMF talk was indeed one of my conference highlights (despite the pun!), and complemented nicely another highlight (Ann Wilkinson-Hayes's sparkling exegesis of 'The Wind in the Willows').

And the walk to the 'Safe to Grow' seminar afterwards was probably good for me too.

Andy Jones