Thursday, 22 April 2010

Digital Evangelism

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On Monday I'm going to be looking at digital evangelism with my MA class. Here are some of the questions we will discuss:
  • In what ways does the medium of the internet affect the way we witness?
  • In what ways does the medium of the internet affect the content of our witness?
  • In what sense are people on the internet real people to whom we need to witness?
  • In what sense is the internet a new place where Christians should bear witness?
  • Are there some understandings of evangelism that are particularly appropriate to the internet and if so are there other understandings that are particularly inappropriate?
  • To what extent is a witness on the internet disembodied witness and can disembodied witness be faithful witness?
Anyone out there want to join in? Have you got any questions of your own? What about answers?


andy amoss said...

What's that blonde guy with the hole in his chest got to do with any of this? Wait...he's not actually THE internet is he!?

Catriona said...

I can't help it, this song keeps coming to mind when I read your post...

My Jesus,
My I-pod,
Lord, there is none like you
All of my days
I want to play
The wonder of your M P 3
My download
My ringtone
Beeping for eternity
Let every click
Of my two thumbs
Never cease to worship you...

(here my inspiration dried up, for which you are no doubt relieved)