Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Avatar Unmasked: Dualism is Alive and Well On Planet Driscol

The Mars Hill reformission Rev turns film critic, offering his own insights into who really directed Avatar.  Here's his review.  And here's some other opinions from Jason Cocker and from Jason Clark


tim f said...

No problem with him deconstructing the belief system evident in Avatar and say why it differs from ours. Even to go on and say why it's attractive to many people & why it's ultimately superficial. That would be a useful, interesting and relevant thing to do.

It's a shame that he has to alienate an audience that might be interested in such an exploration by outright condemnation. Does he condemn any story which isn't a metaphor for the gospel, and if so what's he left with other than Narnia?

Glen Marshall said...

That's right. What gets me most though is the dualism, if it's not an exact and faithful representation of the Xn message it must clearly be all Satanic. No recognition at all the significant overlap between the message of the film and the Christian message. Just plain crass.