Friday, 11 December 2009

Evangelical Alliance Ireland and Civil Parntership

This from the Evangelical Alliance Ireland’s report on the civil partnership bill.
As followers of a just and compassionate God we can recognise the justice and fairness of providing some legal protection for the reality of both same-sex and opposite-sex cohabiting relationships.
  • “just” - check
  • “compassionate” - check,
  • “justice” - check,
  • “fairness” - check,
  • “some” - ???????

(Click here to read the full statement)

1 comment:

tim f said...

In fairness this could be a descriptive statement of what the bill actually offers - ie it offers "some legal protection" rather than "equal legal protection" in comparison to marriage contracts. Preferable to what we have now but not adequate. This is borne out by the first page of the report pointing out that the bill does not confer the right to adopt.

btw, have you seen Diane Savino's wonderful speech on marriage equality? It gets really good (and quite prophetic) about 3 minutes in.