Monday, 3 November 2008

Conference on Good Learning In Church

THIS from Deep Church is worth a butchers. Walk This Way is a conference in January sponsored by Spring Harvest, Kings College London and Paternoster Publishing. Check out the speakers.

Speaker Line up:
* Professor Richard Bauckham, Senior Scholar, Ridley Hall Cambridge
* Dr Stephen Holmes, Baptist Minister and Lecturer in Theology, University of St Andrews
* Rev Steve Chalke MBE, Founder of Oasis
* Ruth Dearnley, Writer, Consultant and CEO, Stop the Traffik
* Rev Tim Ditchfield, Chaplain, King’s College London
* Howard Green, Director of Education, Oasis Academies
* Ann Holt OBE, Executive Director, Bible Society
* Professor Alister McGrath, Head of the Centre for Theology, King’s College, London
* Dr Pete Ward, Lecturer in Youth Ministry and Theological Education, King’s College, London
* Professor John West-Burnham, writer, teacher and consultant in Education Leadership
* Dr Rebecca Nye, author and researcher in children’s spirituality
* Dr Edward Adams, Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies, King’s College, London

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