Monday, 18 February 2008

This Week's Poll 18/2/08

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Previous poll. Will everyone ultimately be reconciled to God? 11 votes in total, 6 yes, 5 no. This generated the most extensive debate yet on this site. The comment that summed up my position best was the very first from Catriona. In my own words: I really really really really hope so and I reckon there are good reasons biblically and theologically to believe so but... there is also clear biblical teaching and at least one theological reason (if human freedom and divine love are to mean anything we must be able to reject God's advances - we are no automata and God is no rapist) that means I can't vote Yes without real hesitation. But vote yest I will; not so much an expression of unequivocal conviction as a vote confidence that the love and wisdom of God will find a way. Please Lord.

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