Monday, 3 September 2007

Preaching and Stand Up

Been saying it for years but no one wanted to listen. Stand up comedy is one of the best analogies for preaching in today's culture. At least Sean Lock agrees with me ... sort of.

"Every year, more people go to stand up, more people enjoy stand up because they don’t go to church anymore, they don’t go to political meetings and they don’t have union meetings. And I think people like being told stuff, by people they consider to have an interesting or imaginative take on things."

Sean Lock Independent on Sunday - 5th August (Thanks to Ashley Hardingham for the tip off.)


rob reed said...

Gosh. I just this second finished my dissertation on the relationship between stand up and politics. I'd send you it, but you'd just ignore it for ever, like my brilliant deconstruction of Christian music.

andy amoss said...

If you've been saying it for years, how come you're not funnier? Or is it that all your jokes are about tits and stuff, and therefore inappropriate in the context of a sermon?
My first lesson on preaching was a brief one; "Keep it under 25min, and no nob gags". I ignored it.