Tuesday, 14 August 2007

This week's poll 02/09/07

I plan to do a new poll each week. If just clicking a button is not enough and you would like to make an observation on the subject of the poll you can do so by commenting on the this post.

Last week's poll - Is there still a place for door to door evangelism - 12 votes, 4 yes, 8 no. I vote no.


andy amoss said...

Phew, i felt a bit rude not voting but i didn't because i simply couldn't. I don't see any real space for the separation of preaching and group discussion. Part of any serious discerning process is discussion with others, that said, there needs to be something of substance to discuss. And if you disagreed with me surely you wouldn't do things like have polls or leave opportunities for people to comment on your blog. See you soon sexy.

Catriona said...

I guess my vote would depend on what you mean by 'door to door evangelism.' If you mean literal door knocking, handing out scary tracts and asking if people are saved, the answer is a resounding "no" as I detest it happening to me (and only by chance when doing a funeral visit discovered that dog collars are the best deterrent to JWs!). If you mean 'getting out where people are and engaging wih them, making the most of every opportunity' then I'd say "yes" - which would make our pub thing and lunch club fit the bill sort of. It isn't literal door knocking, but it's going to someone else's 'space' to engage in the conversation.

Probably also depends what you mean by 'evangelism'... (think I'm doing too much post grad work, starting to question what every word means!!)

Tend to agree with Andy on the preaching/discussing thing (saluatations excepted!)

Dick Davies said...

Should we try to persuade..

I suspect that my yes answer was more of a kneejerk response - being in PR for a major mission agency who specialise in evangelising the "least reached"

I said yes - but not because I think persuading is a good objective. I'm enjoying the "incarnational" chapter of McLaren (Gen Orth) and reflecting on that and on some of our internal materials on Church Planting - our aim could be encapsulated as "telling the stories of Jesus" (words optional).